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Sponsor the Hottest New Game Show Event – Slippery Stairs!

Slippery Stairs is not just a nationwide game show – it’s a phenomenon sweeping the country and generating millions of views both live in-person and across YouTube and Social Media platforms. In this adrenaline-fueled competition, contestants struggle to climb a ridiculously slippery staircase to reach the top. And the best part? The action unfolds on your favorite sports network, ESPN, in 2024. This is a golden opportunity for brands to tap into a diverse and engaged audience base, elevating brand recognition and enhancing market reach. Call OnSight Outdoor today to begin working with our marketing team on your Slippery Stairs sponsorship.

man slipping on stairs

OnSight Outdoor Elevates Your Brand

‘Slippery Stairs’, a thrilling and hilarious obstacle competition that went viral across the U.S. on network and streaming television.

Slippery Stairs attract a massive audience and generate an impressive number of views.  We offer exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities!

  • Tour Title Sponsor – “Your Business Name – “SLIPPERY STAIRS TOUR”
  • Event Title Sponsor – “Your Business Name – “SLIPPERY STAIRS TOUR”
  • On-Site Evergreen Branding – “Your Business Name – “SLIPPERY STAIRS TOUR” on various locations on Slippery Stairs structure, contestants, spectators and more.
  • In-Program Broadcast Spot Inventory
  • Cross-promotion on social media platforms, YouTube, and other outlets
  • On-site product sampling and distribution
people on slip and slide

Out-of-Home Marketing Opportunities

The opportunities for Out-of-Home marketing with Slippery Stairs are boundless. As the show travels across the nation, your brand has the chance to be prominently showcased on banners, digital billboards, and various other platforms. Furthermore, the nationwide tour of Slippery Stairs presents an exclusive opportunity to engage with diverse audiences actively. It is a one-of-a-kind chance to exhibit your brand in different cities and regions, establishing a nationwide business presence and bolstering its recognition. Check out your options below and reach out with further questions:

  • Structure Branding: We place your branding on stair landings, and the inside facing so spectators and participants can see your image or message.
  • Contestant Branding: Get your company in the action by having us place your logo on the front and back of the player’s uniforms. We can also get them on helmets, eyewear, and warm-up gear.
  • Apparel Branding: We can also place them on the announcer’s and crowd reporter’s apparel. We can also print them on giveaways to the crowd including hats, t-shirts, and sunglasses
  • Other Branding Options: Additional banners will be placed on and around stairs where spectators walk by throughout the show.

Climb the Slippery Stairs to Marketing Success!

Take advantage of this opportunity to be part of the Slippery Stairs phenomenon. With OnSight Outdoor, you’ll be able to reach a diverse, nationwide audience and make a lasting impact. Whether you’re a small business looking to increase your visibility or a large corporation seeking a unique advertising opportunity, we’re here to help you achieve your marketing goals. Ready to take the next step? Call today and experience the thrill and excitement of this incredible game show. It’s time to make your brand part of the action.

When You Partner With OnSight, You’re in Good Company